Venture program.

What we do

In many cases, Bonafero may invest in or partner with the companies which we work with through our venture program. Our goal is to work closely together to transform the business into a sector leader; we do not take a short term view on partnerships.

Depending on the current needs of our partner companies, we may take a leadership position in the form of interim management or proceed in the more traditional engagement model.

Our approach


We work together with our clients in advising and leading change to drive new processes and development. We will identify the major operational advantages that we can leverage to create a strategy for performance improvement.

Prioritization will be informed by data and industry expertise, followed by experienced implementation.


In addition to traditional engagements, we may seek to provide opportunities for injecting growth capital as well as minority investments.

Our investment approach is based on assessing risk as part of a disciplined due diligence process. We partner with teams and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.